How to Choosing a 1ms Gaming Monitor for Your Computer

The best 1ms gaming monitor is not an easy find. They are only available in the highest specification of gaming computers. A 1ms gaming monitor is fast. The faster you get your video game moving the faster your game will play. There are many options available on the market but there are only a select few that deliver.

1ms gaming monitor

Feature of 1ms gaming monitor you should know

The two features that are most important in a gaming monitor are the contrast ratio and the flicker-free feature. You will notice a big difference in the contrast ratio if you switch from using a normal screen to one with a 1ms G-Panel. It will look like the picture is a little fuzzy at first. This is normal and does not take long to get used to. If you use a normal monitor the lines will blur as the contrast ratio is affected by the flicker-free feature.

  • Response Time

This is how quickly the video can display the changes on screen. The best 1ms gaming monitor should have a response time of over 50ms. You usually see a dramatic difference when gaming on a 1ms monitor and on one that has an 8ms response time. The longer the response time the better your overall gaming experience. The shorter it is the more likely your fingers will fatigue and you will end up getting frustrated.

  • Ultraviolet Light Reflection Quality

The better the Ultraviolet light (UV) performance the clearer the picture will be. The more pixels the better the Ultraviolet light (UV) performance. The highest spec in the ultrawide aspect ratio offers the best quality of Ultraviolet light. The other specs such as the DPI and the refresh rate will not make a huge difference so it is the Ultraviolet light that you need to focus on.

The response time of your monitor

The other feature that an immersive gaming monitor should have is the panel size and the response time measured in milliseconds. Response time indicates the smoothness of the response of the screen, which is an important factor when you are playing a lot of fast-moving action. A fast response time means the image will be sharp and give you an intense feeling as you get close to your enemy. The larger the size of the panel the more intense your experience will be. A lower response time means that your gameplay will have a smoother feel but it will take longer for the computer to process what is happening on screen.

1ms response time

There are some features that you can turn down to get a better display, but there are also some that you should keep enabled. You will want a USB port that is connected to a gaming monitor so that you can use the optical drive that comes with your system. Your graphics card also needs to support real-time graphic acceleration and has to output at the appropriate resolutions and colors. If either of these items is missing or unimportant, then you should leave them off. On a real-time graphic card, the osd sidekick is enabled, which displays a light bar on the screen to indicate the video card’s activity.

Display size of your gaming monitor

Other than the display size and the response time, price is one of the most important considerations when you are shopping for a new monitor. Gaming monitors often cost three times as much as normal monitors. While this may be true, if you want to get the very best gaming experience, then you need to have a fast graphics card and a crisp display to go along with it. Many people think that budget gaming computer are all they need to get the best gaming experience possible, but that is not always true. Budget monitors often have great features and extras but are quite pricey. The best gaming monitors can run into hundreds of dollars, depending on the graphic card, hard drive space, processor speed, and resolution.

gaming monitor display size

The main reason why it is important to have a fast graphics card and a crisp display is that you will get a smooth gaming experience from your monitor. If you notice any lag in playing the games or if your screen is distorted, then you can speed up the gaming experience by adjusting your settings. You will find that a good gaming monitor will offer the best response time and display quality, but it is also important to get a large enough display to see the gaming action. If you do not have a large enough monitor, then you will miss out on the huge differences between games that run smoothly on a large monitor and those that run on a small one.

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