Best Gaming Monitor – Learn Our Picking Criteria

In this article, we are going to talk about a couple of features that are important to consider while purchasing a best gaming monitor, specifically the aforementioned curved 140-zirconia gaming monitor. While price is always a consideration, there are several things you need to look at concerning the actual cost of the gaming monitor itself as well as the refresh rate offered by the monitor itself. A cheap gaming PC monitor will offer a lower refresh rate than a more expensive one, which can become a problem if you are using games or running graphics-intensive applications frequently.

How to choose best gaming monitor

To get the best cheap gaming monitor, you want to look for a manufacturer that offers a good price on a model with a high refresh rate and a display with the size, resolution, and color depth needed for gaming. You’ll also want to make sure that the gaming screen is easily adjustable in either height or width.

best gaming monitor

The verdict is that while there are many different models offered by this manufacturer, our favorite is the Gaming Panel X (also known as the 144hz). This is an ideal model for anyone looking for a gaming PC monitor with a strong enough display to keep gameplay fast and smooth without lagging. We have seen a significant amount of improvement in gaming performance on this particular model thanks to a factory overclock and software optimization. With a price that is only $100 less than some of the highest gaming PC monitors, the 144hz is a steal if you are looking for a system with a strong display and strong response time. Here is a quick rundown of our opinions on the gaming system and why it is our best pick for the best budget gaming PC on the market today.

There are three main aspects that we looked at while testing this gaming monitor; response time, image quality, and the size and shape of the panel. The panel itself is a touch-sensitive LED-lit panel with a full QHD+VA ratio and a very thin bezel. If you are looking for a very sharp and detailed gaming experience then the response time on this model will be your top priority. If you have a laptop or netbook that has a very slow response time, then this is probably not the best option, but for most people, this should be enough to provide a good gaming experience.

Response time

Response time on this monitor was a bit slower than what we experienced with some other monitors, but this is usually a result of how the gaming software used is programmed. This does mean that having a faster response time is possible, even with some gaming software programs that are slower to load. The average response time of around 5ms is pretty good, but if you want to get rid of screen-tearing, the best solution is to reduce the resolution. This solution can easily be done by adjusting the monitor’s settings so that it has fewer settings. You should then see a difference in gaming performance.


The other thing that most people notice when they use a gaming computer monitor such as the 144hz is eye fatigue. Eye fatigue is a problem that affects many gamers, especially those who play for long periods. Many gamers have the habit of staring at the computer screen while playing. When they switch from playing to resting their eyes, the result is a serious decrease in the eye’s ability to function. To combat this problem, the majority of models on the market will have a lower image resolution; therefore, you are more likely to get less than optimal viewing.

gaming monitor

When it comes to sound and video quality, the speakers on the product were not our favorite. A few people reported that they had trouble getting the sound to be heard over the headset that came with the monitor. While this might not seem like an important issue, the sound quality on the majority of gaming systems is sub-par. There is one model on the market however that utilizes two x 2w speakers and proved to be much better. Based on our testing, the speakers on the 144hz performed significantly better than the other models we tested, so if you want to invest in a gaming computer monitor, you might want to take a second look at the two-wielded speakers model.